Our 7th Open Angel Dinner Pitch Event is being held to coincide with NACO's 2016 National Angel Summit. Out of town summit attendees who are active investors are welcome to attend. Please use the form below to purchase your event ticket.

The venue for the October event is the Flying Pig Restaurant in Olympic Village. The event will run from 4pm to around 10pm, and includes a full 3 course sit down meal.

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Open Angel members are requested to RSVP for their tickets or send us regrets. We expect this to be a full event.

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Non-member investors & community participants can use the form below to pay for your membership or single-event attendance.

October 4th 2016, 4:00 pm - Late, Flying Pig Olympic Village

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Presenting Companies

First Set

Second Set

  • Lazymeal (AL) Corporate and group meal delivery service
  • eTrove (AL) Mobile marketing platform for medical and health professionals
  • LlamaZOO (AL) 3D interactive anatomical educational platform
  • instaMek (AL) On-demand auto mechanics


Company pitches are 10 minutes long with time for thoughtful Q&A from attending investors.

Dinner is spent at communal tables with the presenting companies one per table. We switch over dessert & coffee to get more one-on-one time between founders & funders.

  • 4:00 - 5:00 Networking
  • 5:00 - 5:40 First set of Company Pitches
  • 5:40 - 6:00 Short Break
  • 6:00 - 6:15 Investor Deal Updates
  • 6:15 - 6:55 Final set of Company Pitches
  • 6:55 - 7:15 Re-arrange for Dinner
  • 7:15 - late Full Dinner & Dessert

Deal Updates

Deal Updates are a new part of the evenings. We have investors present deal updates on investments they are leading or participating in. This is a short, 2 minute update from a participating investor.

We will be hearing updates from:

  • TBA


Thank you to our sponsors for supporting these investment dinner pitch events.

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