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February 24th, 2016, 3:30pm - Late, Blue Water Cafe

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Presenting Companies

  • Switchboard (AL) - Trucking Logistics Marketplace
  • PROXXI (AL) - Smart Electric Field Sensors
  • Iris Automation (AL) - High-tech computer vision collision avoidance systems for industrial drones
  • Arkit (AL) - Map-based project management for oil & gas
  • CuePath (AL) - Connected medication packaging and service for seniors and their families
  • This Open Space (AL) - Marketplace for short term rentals of commercial spaces
  • SAM (AL) (from Edmonton) - Social Media Search, Curation and Storytelling


Company pitches are 10 - 15 minutes long with time for thoughtful Q&A from attending investors.

Dinner is spent at communal tables with the presenting founders one per table. We switch over dessert & coffee to get one-on-one time between founders & funders.

  • 3:30pm Doors / Networking
  • 4:25pm Intro by Executive Director, Ed Levinson
    • 4:30pm First 4 Company Pitches
    • 5:30pm - 5:45 Short Break
    • 5:45pm - 6pm Investor Deal Updates
    • 6pm - 6:45pm Final 3 Company Pitches
  • 6:45pm Networking / Re-arrange for Dinner
  • 7pm Full Dinner & Dessert

Deal Updates

Deal Updates are a new part of the evenings. We have investors present deal updates on investments they are leading or participating in. This is a short, 2 minute update from a participating investor.


Thank you to our sponsors for supporting these investment dinner pitch events.

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