Marcus Daniels

Marcus Daniels is a digital product entrepreneur, seed capital investor and corporate innovation architect that helps startups accelerate growth. Co-Founder & CEO of HIGHLINE, a pre-seed fund & accelerator provider that helps digital startups raise follow-on capital. Backed by leading VCs with offices in Vancouver & Toronto, HIGHLINE has 39 active portfolio companies, $88M of follow-on capital and six meaningful exits.

Founder & Chairman of MeshSquared Ventures that makes angel investments into digital startups. Formerly Managing Director of Extreme Startups and COO of Trend Hunter, the world's #1 trendspotting website & an innovation partner to Fortune 500 brands.

Chair of the Canadian Accelerator & Business Incubation (CABI) association, on the Board of Advisors for Venture for Canada, Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX), Female Funders and the Queen's Master in Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MEI) program. Marcus holds an MBA from Queen's School of Business, BA from McGill University and completed the VC Executive Program from UC Berkeley.