Announcing startups participating in our Vancouver event Nov. 20th

We had almost 40 companies apply to present. We whittled that down to 8 presenting companies:

Presenting Companies

  • Coparently - Scheduling & communication tool for divorced or seperated families.
  • Contractually - The fastest, easiest way to do contracts
  • LabScholars - Connecting researchers worldwide with the products and community of experts they need
  • PrintToPeer - A common operating system and API for 3D printers
  • Sockeye Technologies - Sockeye Work Order Scheduling
  • TestKick - Simplifying Automated UI Testing
  • SilkStart - HubSpot for member-based associations
  • SpaceList - The Marketplace for Commercial Real Estate

Each company will present and then have facilitated Q&A with investors for 40 minutes, so we can dig into the business and market of each company.

As well as the full presentation slots for each of these 8 companies, we will also have some short 5 minute pitch slots.


We had a long list of sponsors step forward and help put this first event on. Thank you to everyone that is joining us to support more founders & funders connecting in Vancouver!

See you all next Thursday afternoon, followed by the HIGHLINE Startup Social afterparty.