General presentations produced by Open Angel and partners.

What Investors want

A general overview of Open Angel and some notes on what investors want to see.

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Investment Deck

Links and tips for creating a great investment deck. An investment deck should be highly readable without you there to talk to it.

This is the style of deck you should submit as part of your application.

How to Create an Early Stage Pitch Deck, Ryan Spoon

A basic overview of how to create your early stage pitch.

11 Startup Pitch Archetypes, Jason Shen

Are you building an insane tech company? Do you have a great personal reason for founding this company? Browse through 11 different archetypes of the story of your startup.

Pitch Deck Coach Template on SlideShare

Starting template for building your pitch deck.

Term Sheets

Should investors get equity or SAFE? Common or preferred shares?

NACO Common Docs

Standard Canadian term sheets for Investment in early stage companies. Explanations and guidance on when and how to use common shares, preferred shares, convertible loan and SAFE. From the National Angel Capital Organization.

Use this free online tool to create, collaborate and share your captable and model various ownership, option and investment scenarios.

Cap Table

What do the effects of various rounds do to your cap table? What is a cap table? Where is your cap table?

Open Angel Short List

Here is a concise set of documents that a prospective investor will typically ask for

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NACO Exhaustive List

And here is the "everything but the kitchen sink" list
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Due Diligence

Investors will request a set of company documents prior to investment. Pro tip: have them ready for sharing

There is! Angel List is like LinkedIn but specialized for startups to connect with angel investors and syndicates. You can also post jobs.


If only there was a place to connect with investors and potential employees for your startup...

Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson's Venture Deals

Venture Deals: Be Smarter Than Your Lawyer and Venture Capitalist Yes, the title references venture capital, but it's equally applicable to angel funding. Save yourself some of the pain of learning by experience and read this. The latest edition includes a chapter on crowdfunding.

Boris Wertz and Angel Tran Kingyens Guide to Marketplaces

Marketplaces are simply an e-commerce site that connects buyers and sellers and we see a lot of startups working to establish these at Open Angel. Read Guide to Marketplaces to benefit from Boris' considerable experience building and scaling marketplaces.

Other Resources

Links to some other useful resources